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any one in here like heavy music?
well check out this band
its my band
we are 13 Winters
were a goth-core band with a heavy sound
check us out at
you can download our songs, and/or you can
sign up to the mailing list
and send you NAME and MAILING ADRESS
and then we will send you a FREE copy of our Demo
send that information to
and no matter where u are, well send you our demo
we have already sent out over 50 demos in counting
even to australia also
so if you like heavy music, be sure to check us out

if your within the Maine area, then you can see us in concert friday december 6th at the well in portland maine, if you need directions comment or email the mailing list, or email me at syk0tik_fishnets@hotmail.com. doors open at 7:00 and it is $7.00 per person, we are headlining. a band called 'no reserve' will be playing first opening for another band called Khasm. check khasm out at www.khasm.org

and to check out other bands and such go to www.dark-valley-records.com
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